This Song is from October 2012-2015 (This song is Originally from Bubble Guppies)


Team Umizoomi: Milli, Geo, Bot, Little Ghost, Black Cat

Bubble Guppies: Molly, Gil, Goby, Deema, Oona, Nonny, Mr. Grouper, Bubble Puppy

Dora the Explorer: Dora

Go Diego Go: Diego

Paw Patrol: Marshall, Skye, Rubble, and Zuma.

Peter Rabbit: Peter, Benjamin

Backyardgians: Austin, Uniqua, Tyrone

Wonder Pets: Tuck, Ming-Ming

Yo Gabba Gabba: Toodee

Olivia: Olivia

Dora and Friends: Dora

Wallykazam: Wally, Norville, Orge, Bobgobin


2012 and 2013

Molly: Things that go bump,

In the middle of the night.

Bot: Witches, and Bats

And things that take flight.

Milli: Vampires, Gobins

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