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The Robot Athletes, or the Sports Robots, were the competition in the Umi Games against Team Umizoomi. They only appear in Umi Sports Games.


All the robots have been made for different sports, but they are all good sports. They high five Team Umizoomi and say good game to them when they win.

  • Soccer Robot: He's the biggest of all the robots since he is a Goalie Soccer Robot. He can use it to block soccer balls from being scored, but he can't block the whole net which Team Umizoomi used against him. He has good kicking abilities with feet, knees, and head
  • Swimming Robot: He is the most skinny of all the robots. He has goggles to keep the water out of his eyes and flippers to help him swim fast. But not as fast as Bot since he beat him in the swimming race.
  • Basketball Robots: These four robots are excellent at basketball. They, at first, thought that since they were tall and Team Umizoomi was tiny, they would win for sure. But as they say, make postives out of the negative. Team Umizoomi gave them a run for their money using their small sizes to outsmart them like going under their knees and how they pass the ball so easily.
  • Biking Robots: Five cycling robots each a different color: Purple, Red, Orange, Blue, and Yellow. The team had to beat them in a biking race. At the end of the race, it was a close neck-and-neck between the Yellow Robot and Team Umizoomi, but they manage to beat him and won the race.