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Sunny is a fairy, but not just any fairy, she's the Sunshine Fairy. She appeared in the episode The Sunshine Fairy and is voiced by Laura Osnes.


Sunny is very kind and generous. She loves to show off her sunshine powers and flying in the sky. She also has an ambitious side and refuses to give up, which is similar to Geo's personality. She knows a lot about the Sunshine Forest and uses her magic to make plants grow and purify water.


Sunny lives in the magical Sunshine Forest, which can only be accessed through Umi City through a secret door. When Team Umizoomi was playing catch one day, Bot gives it a little too much wrist and tosses their ball too far. Over by the old stone wall covered in ivory, they found their ball and the secret door. They opened the door and soon met Sunny. They, along with the Berry Monkeys and a couple of sophisticated owls, help get her powers back when Grog stole it from her.


Sunny is actually about a little shorter than Team Umizoomi. She has blond hair held in a bun. She wears a bright yellow dress with a gold sash that has a white lily on it. Sunny has magical butterfly fairy wings that have scales that are clear, light blue, and pink. 


Sunny as a Sunshine Fairy, has special powers that she gains from sunlight. It can make flowers, plants, and trees grow right out of the ground, and it can purify any water, even sinking sludge. The sunlight energy also give her flying powers and has her glow very brightly.