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Sunshine Forest is a magical and secret forest where Sunny the Sunshine Fairy lives.


Nobody in Umi City knows anything about the Sunshine Forest, all they know is... According to the Umi-Legends, there are fairies that live there.

One day, Team Umizoomi was playing a three-time game of Catch. When Bot uses his Super-Duper Robo-Throw, he gives it a little too much wrist and the ball flies all the way to the base of the old ivory wall. Within the wall's long ivory, they find a small red door with a picture of a fairy on it. They opened the door and ended up the magical Sunshine Forest and soon met Sunny the Sunshine Fairy.


  • Sunny the Sunshine Fairy.
  • Grog the Gnome.
  • The Berry Monkeys: Three monkeys who are each a different colour: pink, blue, and orange. They live in The Magic Berry Tree. They would do anything for Sunny and shake the tree to drop berries that will make the Grumpy Sea-Monster happy. They also helped pull the jar of sunshine out of the sinking sludge.
  • The Grumpy Sea-Monster: Team Umizoomi and Sunny encountered him while in pursuit of Grog. They fed him three berries that made him happy, and allowed them to cross over him.
  • The Owls: A male and female owl who are both sophisticated, wise, and kind. They guided Sunny and Team Umizoomi to the right path so they can continue chasing after Grob. They also helped pull the jar of sunshine out of the sinking sludge.
  • There are also lots of other animals, but they're all minor characters.

Locations Within

The Deep, Dark Swamp

This is where Grog lives and it is really a deep, dark, and disgusting swamp. The swamp is full of gross, but dangerous sinking sludge. If something falls into the sinking sludge, it will sink to the bottom and never be seen again.