When Silly Bear accidentally gets himself covered in glue and then everything sticks on to him, the only way to wash it off is to use Super Soap. Milli, Geo, and Bot trek across the forest to deliver the soap to Silly Bear's cave and get the glue off Silly Bear.


Intro: Sights and Sounds of Umi City

Silly Bear's Sticky Situation

When SIlly Bear is doing his art project, he mistakenly covers himself in glue and a rubber duck, telephone, train, cukoo clock, and even a rooster are stuck on him.

Talk About a Loud Awakening

Dragonfly Guide

Bot uses his listening skills to know which the path the dragonfly took on the way to Silly Bear's cave.

Milli's Stone Hop

Milli uses her pattern power to hop on rocks that are safe to step on before the Super Soap gets washed off in a dangerous riverfall.

Super Soap at Work

The Team work together to scrub the glue and get everything off Silly Bear.




  • The dragonfly that helped the team through the forest is believed to be protrayed from Gosimer the Dragonfly from Two For the Sky from My Little Pony.
  • Silly Bear also appears in another episode of Milli Saves The Day.


Math Skills

  • Listening Skills
  • Observation Skills
  • Shape Identification
  • Patterns
  • Counting

World Skills

  • Using Soap
  • Forest


  • When silly bear claims that he has a cuckoo clock on his belly, the train on his foot disappears.



  • Geo: DoorMouse is still sleeping! To wake him up, we need to pop the balloon. To pop it, we have to say "One, two, three, Pop!" Say it with me! One, two, three, Pop! (pops the balloon)
    • DoorMouse: (startled) I'm up, I'm up!
    • Geo: It worked!



Team Umizoomi We Are Team Umizoomi

Team Umizoomi We Are Team Umizoomi

Video of the first song on Super Soap

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