Team Umizoomi must help Samantha make the favourite snack of her younger brother Tyler by getting the ingredients at the Umi City Supermarket.


Intro: Butterfly Wonderland

The opening title begins as Milli is fascinated by her favorite animals; butterflies. The orange butterfly tends to join in the other two (blue & purple) to drink nectar from flowers.

No Ingredients = No Snack

Samantha was trying to make Tyler's favorite snack but there are no ingredients including fruit & yogurt in the fridge.

Super Trip to the Supermarket

Fruit Finders

Milli uses her ponytails to figure out which banana is the smallest. Then the team finds eight blueberries.

Yahoo! Yogurt!

The yogurt container contains a heart inside a square.

Checking Out

Bot has to look inside his belly to pay five Umi-dollars at the self checkout stand.

Ingredient = Favorite Snack




  • This is the very first episode where Team Umizoomi visits the supermarket.
  • When Bot looks into his Bot-O-Mat, you can see the green hat from Special Delivery and the library card from To the Library.
  • You can hear the Baby Kate crying sound in Bot's Belly Screen


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Counting
  • Number Idenification

World Skills

  • The Supermarket
  • Money Management