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The Nick Jr. theme for March 2014 is Superheroes. Unlike all the other songs, the characters are all animated to look like comic book characters. In this songs, learn about all the different kinds of superheroes from the ones with super powers, to the police and firefighters, to helping a friend.


  • Team Umizoomi: Milli, Geo, Bot
  • Dora the Explorer: Dora, Boots
  • Bubble Guppies: Gil, Molly, Bubble Puppy
  • Peter Rabbit: Peter, Lily, Benjamin


Dora and Boots: Wheeee!

Molly and Gil: *laughs*

Bot: Here I go!

Peter: Whoo-hoo!

Dora: Come on!

Milli and Geo: Flying high in the sky with super speeds.

Molly and Gil: With super eyes that can find anything you need.

Boots: So strong and brave...

Dora: And they always save the day!

All: Superheroes!

Bubble Puppy: Arf Arf!

All: Superheroes!

Gil: But hey, are you ready for a big surprise?

Geo: Superheroes aren't always super sizes!

Milli: You can be a superhero too

Milli and Dora: By doing the things what things you!

Dora: Use a super hug to help a friend in need.

Bot: Count real high with a super speed.

Molly: Try something that you never try...

Peter: And you can show your super size!

All: Superheroes!

We are Superheroes!

Super Duper!

Team Umizoomi: You can be a superhero too!

All: We Are Superheroes!



  • Every month, a different character is selected to talk about "The Word of The Day", and Milli is that character, but she's still in comic book animation. This was also a clone to Playhouse Disney's "Word of the Day" starring Clay and Page.