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The animals who are in trouble in the episode of Rainy Day Rescue. They live with their mother in a tree outside of Casey's home. Casey tells Team Umizoomi on a rainy day that she's worried about the Baby Birds.

The wind from the storm was shaking the branch that nest was on. Bot told the baby birds to fly away, but Casey tells him that they can not fly yet. The branch broke and the baby birds' nest then began floating down Seven street.

The team manage to catch up with the birds' nest, but the nest was heading for a big waterfall. Milli pointed out that the baby birds need to fly to get away, but the birds don't know how.

After a little flapping help, all half dozen birds have flown away, but the nest and Team Umizoomi were heading for the waterfall!

The baby birds swooped down and grabbed the nest with their feet right before it fell down the falls. The baby birds then flew with the nest and Team Umizoomi safely inside back to their tree. The nest was placed on a safer and stronger branch then the old one.

Team Umizoomi and Casey watched happily as the baby birds were happily reunited with their mother as the rain stopped and a beautiful rainbow appeared on the horizon.


There are three red and three orange baby birds. Their mother is red.



The rescue episode has a similarity of the clone Nick Junior show "The Wonder Pets."