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The team must find the missing pieces to Logan's dragon skateboard when some new antagonists called the Troublemakers destroy it.


Intro: Skateboard Park

Team Umizoomi is at the skateboard park with Logan and his friends. The kids each did a trick and showed what was face down of the skateboard.

New Villains: The Troublemakers

When Team Umizoomi wasn't looking, some new antagonists called the Troublemakers and their Trouble Truck appear plotting a way to cause trouble in Umi City. After singing their theme song, The Troublemakers use their weapon called the Trouble Ray and break Logan's skateboard.

Super Ball Time

Bot's Robo Radar detected a wheel in the super ball store. When the wheel goes up tube number forty-seven (47), Bot turns himself in a super ball and chases after the wheel.

Yellow Submarine

When the next wheel rolls to the bottom of Lake Umi, Geo builds a yellow submarine to dive down and get the wheel. But the Troublemakers slow the Team by putting three big cracks in the sub. Team Umizoomi take the time to patch the sub with tape and go after the wheel.

Geo and The Beanstalk

The last two skateboard wheels were on a small plant that gets turned into a big beanstalk when the Troublemakers make it grow. Geo goes after the wheels by bouncing on different branches. However, the only branches safe to bounce on have three oval leaves. If you step on the wrong branch, the branch will crack and send you back to hard ground.

Umi Car Roller Coaster

Umi Car turns into a rollercoaster and you count with Team Umizoomi to make Umi Car go faster and get the wheel before the troublemakers and succeeds. But the Troublemakers argued after Umi Car got the wheel, and turned into a halt when the rollercoaster ended and got stuck in cotton candy.

Conclusion: Good as New

After the defeat of the Troublemakers, Bot fixes Logan's skateboard and the Team is praised.



Supporting Characters

  • Logan (First Appearance)




  • This episode marks the debut of The Troublemakers, as well as the debut of the new Time for Action sequence.
  • Geo is now voiced by Juan Mirt instead of Ethan Kempner as of this episode.
    • Additionally, the intro is now modified to feature Geo's new voice.
  • During the scene where the team says their names in the Time for Action, the Team's mouths do not even move. This was fixed much later.
  • This is the third episode where Bot turns himself into a ball, first being "Boardwalk Games" and second "A Sledding Snow Day".
  • This is one of the few episodes where UmiCar comes to Team Umizoomi all by himself.
  • Episode aired a Day after Super Bowl XLVII (52).


  • The episode title is a play-on of "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo."
  • The Team's submarine is a homage to The Beatles' song "Yellow Submarine".
  • Geo's bouncing on the tall plant is similar to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, except Geo jumps on the plant's leaves instead of climbing its stalk.


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Using Knowledge
  • Picture Identification
  • Number Identification
  • Shape Identification
  • Memorization
  • Measurements
  • Counting

World Skills

  • Skate Parks
  • Skateboards
  • Submarines
  • Roller Coasters



  • Little Trouble: Trouble you later, Team Umizoomi!
    • (Big Trouble accidentally kicks him) OH! Watch your feet!
    • Big Trouble: (sarcastic) Sorry...

  • Geo: (bounces up on a branch with three ovals leaves) Whoo-hoo! (hops on a branch with two diamond leaves which breaks) (He starts to fall down) Whoa-ho-ho...!
    • Bot: (catches him) Gotcha!
    • Geo: Thanks, Bot. (Bot puts him down)
    • Milli: You'd better be careful, Geo. Some of these branches break when you bounce on them.


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