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In Let's Play Math Dragons!, there are songs that describe each of the dragons in the video game Math Dragons. The game announcer sings all the songs except for the Stinky Dragon NOTE: The italic words are speaking not singing.


Stinky Dragon

Stinky Dragon: I'm the Stinky Dragon; I'm coming for you

Whenever I'm near, people say, "Pee-ew!"

Milli and Geo: Pee-ew!

Stinky Dragon: Flowers wilt when I'm passing through

I smell worse than a skunk

Bot: That's one strong funk!

Stinky Dragon: I'm the Stinky Dragon


Big Dragon

Game Announcer: The Big Dragon is a powerful guy

Stomping and smashing everything in sight

Hop on his back and go for a ride

He'll take you up the mountain side 

Flying Dragons

Game Announcer: Flying Dragons soar all through the sky

They take you for a ride

Some fly up and some fly down

Hop on, give it a try

Chomping Dragons

Game Announcer: Chomping Dragons always eating

On their favourite food they're feeding

Circles, squares, diamonds too

Eating shapes is what they do