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It's a very hot day in Umicity, so Milli, Geo, Bot water some thirsty flowers. Unitil they get a call from Kayla that the elephant sprinkler is broken and no water is coming out of it, Team Umizoomi go through pipes and find a rubber duck is keeping the water from flowing and the Team find a way to push it out so the elephant sprinkler can work again.


Intro: Summer Fun

Milli and Geo like to water the thirsty flowers in Umi City Park, from the water fountain. 

Kayla's Problem

At the splash park, Kayla complained that the "elephant" water sprinkler did not work.

How Does the Water Flow?

Bot has to figure out the problem why the water did not go through the sprinkler. Rain falls from the sky to the lakes reservoir. Then water flows to the big pipe to the small pipe to the suages of buildings and even the Elephant Sprinkler.

Lake Measurement

Milli uses Milli Measure to count by tens to see if the lake is a hundred meters deep, which is a full load.

Deep Sea Adventure

Team Umizoomi has to travel by submarine to go to the big pipe. Then they happened upon a group of fish, similar to the moonfish in Finding Nemo, in which they have to find a group of five snails. 

Big Water Pipe Gate Code Breaker

The combination lock goes into a series of patterns: Sequence One: One, Two, One, Two, One, (Two); Sequence Two: Two, Four, Six, Two, Four, Six, Two, (Four), Six. Similar to Price is Right's "Safe Crackers", "Squeeze Play", and "Pick a Number" pricing games.

Small Pipe Maze

The team has to travel around the small pipe maze to reach the rubber duckie that clogs the pipes around the water reservoir. Since this is a maze, they have to follow directions that lead to the rubber duckie.

Completion of the Clogged Pipe

The team then flows out of The Elephant Sprinkler as soon as the clog is gone! At last, the splash pad is back to normal again.




  • It is revealed that Bot knows how to talk "fish." Similar to the moonfish scene in Finding Nemo where Marlin & Dory asked them for directions that lead to Sydney, and the school of moonfish posed into a series of directional symbols.
  • This is the third time that Milli taking her ponytail, the first being The Aquarium Fix-It and the second being The Milk Out.

The first being The Butterfly Dance Show, due to because of Milli's voice being by Madeleine in that episode, Sophia Fox returned to voice her in this episode, even though the quotes don't feature.



Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Counting by Tens
  • Measurements

World Skills

  • Water Pipes
  • Lakes




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