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The Forest is a nature preserve, where Team Umizoomi sometimes goes for some of their missions or to hang out with their forest friends.

Episode Appearances


  • Silly Bear: He had gotten himself doused in sticky glue, so the team took Super Soap to him to clean it off. Later, he accidentally scooped up Geo and Bot when they were stuck in the super sticky honey that he was going to use to bake a honey cake.
  • Little Fish: She aided Milli in her mission to rescue Geo and Bot.
  • Dragonfly: He helped the team get to Silly Bear's cave.


  • Silly Bear's Cave: That is Silly Bear's Residence
  • Fast Rocky Stream: A stream in the forest with many stones that blocked the team's path to Silly Bear's Cave. Most of the stones are not safe to step on. If the team steps on the wrong stone, they could get swept down stream, but thanks to Milli and her pattern powers, they all got across safely.
  • The Apple Trees: In Milli Saves the Day, the team had a picnic over by the apple trees. It's also where the 'sticky' situation began for Geo and Bot. One of the trees has a hive full of super-sticky honey. 
  • Big River: Milli went down the river, using a leaf as a raft, and had to get pass tall reeds of grass, a big log, and giant boulder.
  • Prickly Thorns: They were blocking the path to Silly Bear's cave. Luckily, thanks to some snakes, Milli swang over them using a vine.