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Team Umizoomi gets a call about a baby penguin in trouble, and then UmiCar comes and saves him. Suddenly, UmiCar is stuck on breaking icebergs and it is up to the team to save UmiCar before the ice melts.


Intro: UmiCar's Photo Album

The team shows a photo album collection of UmiCar showing they loved it, as well as accomplishments and accolades.

Wheels on Thin Ice

UmiCar had rescued the little penguin on thin ice until he just realized that he is stuck in a cracking iceberg.

Train Trouble

The train is missing its engine so Geo has to construct a shaped engine. Along the way, the railroad track is missing, which Milli has to find the longest curved piece, then a medium zig-zag piece, and the longest straight piece. 

Doggy Dilemma

Geo has to build a sled to attach to the sled dog. Along the way, the dog ran out of energy. To build it up, the bone must have a number on it. The higher the number, the more boost the energy will be.

Boats and Propellers

The team used a speedboat to Iceberg Bay to rescue UmiCar. Then they turn UmiCar into a helicopter and he flies away when eventually, the last of the ice has melted.

Conclusion: Home is Where the UmiCar is

Back to Umi City, where Team Umizoomi and UmiCar are back reunited again.

[The End]


  • Jamal
  • Jamal's Father
  • Natasha
  • Natasha's Dog



  • This is the first episode where a member of Team Umizoomi gets in trouble. That members are being UmiCar and second being Bot in Crazy Skates and third being Geo in Milli Saves The Day.
  • The iceberg scene has no relation or regards to the Titanic movie where the ship has run into an iceberg then sank into the sea.
  • It is revealed that the first episode of Season 2 when looking at the book, means this one episode is a few days after the events of the Race Around Umi-City.


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Shape Identification
  • Using Clues
  • Number Identification
  • Counting

World Skills

  • Vehicles
  • Photo Albums



  • Milli: Uh, guys? There's a problem up ahead!
    • Bot: Hit the brakes, Geo! (Geo pulls the brakes and the train stops)
    • Milli: A piece of the train track is missing!

  • Milli: (looks ahead) Oh no!
    • Bot: Hit the brakes, Geo! (Geo pulls the brakes and the train stops) Another piece of track is missing!

  • Bot: (looks ahead) Uh oh!
    • Milli: Geo!
    • Geo: I got it! (He pulls the brakes and the train stops) Another piece of track is missing!


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