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When the Blue Mermaid gets captured by Squiddy the Squid, the team need to get past all of Squiddy's traps to rescue her.


Intro: The Legend of the Blue Mermaid

While the team hangs out by the beach, Milli finds a mermaid statue of a legendary creature known as the Blue Mermaid. Using Bot's robot computer, they find out that the Blue Mermaid loved her home and her friends and had a beautiful singing voice. The best thing about her was her tail; it glowed a beautiful blue light. Then one day, Squiddy the Squid saw her and wanted the tail's light for himself. He built a booby-trap and captured the Blue Mermaid. Now the team wonders if she's okay.

Message in the Bottle

All of a sudden, a bottle floats in the shore nearby and has a message inside it. The message was from the Blue Mermaid. It is revealed that Squiddy took her to his secret sand castle. The Blue Mermaid begs for Team Umizoomi to rescue her. She sends some of her sparkling blue scales to help them find her. 

Waves and Sails

Geo builds a boat so the team can save Blue Mermaid. In order to stop Team Umizoomi, Squiddy uses his wave machine to make waves to tip the boat over, so they count down to shrink the waves. He tries to make another one after making 3, but it malfunctions and blows him away.

Triangle Safety

The team continues their progress and soon arrives on an island, but Squiddy put booby trap shapes on the island, but Squiddy mentions that the only shapes that are safe are triangles, so Geo finds the triangles and Milli and Bot make it across.

Getting Crabby

The team goes underwater, and find the Blue Mermaid, but Squiddy gets out his robot crabs, so Milli gets a bubble pattern on her dress to trap one small crab and two big crabs, and Milli even manages to capture Squiddy in a bubble along with the crabs.

Conclusion: Deep Down Under the Sea

The team rescues Blue Mermaid, and Squiddy reveals that he only wanted Blue Mermaid so she could light up his castle, so Blue Mermaid gives Squiddy one of her scales and Squiddy lights his castle.




  • There is a restaurant which is called the Blue Mermaid Island Grill, which is probably where the idea of The Blue Mermaid came from, but this remains in speculation.
  • Jordin Sparks, who voices the Blue Mermaid, is actually a winner on American Idol. (find out more about her at the American Idol website)
  • For the first time, Milli uses her Pattern Power against a pattern.
  • This episode is one of the six game re-makes for Umi City Mighty Missions.
  • The mermaid has no similarity and familiarity to Disney's The Little Mermaid.


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Shape Identification
  • Counting forwards and backwards
  • Patterns

World Skills

  • Following Trails
  • Sea, Above and Below



  • Bot: (knocks on the screen) Who-hoo! We're following the trail!


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