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The Lizards are reliable friends Team Umizoomi made in The Great Shape Race, and were seen again in UmiCar's Birthday Present


All the lizard love action such as catapulting each other over cliffs and parashooting down below. They alway never forget safety first by wearing helmets and making sure everything's safe and ready to go. There are three kinds: blue, purple, and green.

The blue and purple lizards helped Team Umizoomi in The Great Shape Race by catapulting them over the cliff so they could continue their race against Dump Truck. The green lizards were seen in UmiCar's Birthday Present when they helped make sure that UmiCar's parashoot was attched tightly and safely, so the team could parashoot down the tall bridge to catch up with the TroubleMakers.

Only two names for the lizards have been confirmed:

  • Buddy
  • Fred


The lizards are blue-purple (The Great Shape Race)/green (UmiCar's Birthday Present), skinny, and a little taller than Team Umizoomi. The helmets that the green lizards wore are red with three white vertical lines on top.  

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