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The Rolling Toy Parade is the 9th episode of the first season of Team Umizoomi, and the 9th overall.


Team Umizoomi must help Nick repair his lion toy, but they need help from their animal friends and use patterns to find the missing parts. 


Intro: Broken Skate

While at the park, Milli finds Geo, who is strangely skating carefully on just one of his skates. She asks him to show his new trick, but he can't because he lost a wheel on one of his skates. Luckily, Bot comes along and puts a new wheel on Geo's skate, so Geo could show his new trick, skating on a bench holder.

Broken Lion King

The team suddenly got an emergency call from their friend Nick, who is going to lead the rolling toy parade with his toy lion. However, his toy lion lost its pull string and all four of its wheels, so he's unabnle to lead the parade.

Braids and Bird Songs

Geo is shapes: ci

Unusual Habit

Repaired Lion King

Rolling Toy Parade




  • This is the second time Milli uses her Prehensile Ponytails as grappling hooks, the first being Subway Heroes.

Umi-Car doesn’t have face in this episode.


  • Nick's lion toy resembles a similarity of the lion rolling toy sort of like Disney's Lion King.


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Patterns
  • Shape Identification

World Skills

  • Wheels
  • Braids
  • Fixing Things
    • Wheels


  • Acron Flower Pattern


  • Squirrel: Most squirrels collect acorns, but this one collect wheels.


The Rolling Toy Parade/Gallery


  • Created by: Soo Kim, Michael T. Smith
  • Co-Created by/Executive Producer: Jennifer Twomey
  • Written by: Michael T. Smith
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  • Storyboard Supervisor: Michael J. Smith
  • Lead Designer: Dino Alberto
  • Featuring The Voices Of
    • Sophia Fox
    • Ethan Kempner
    • Donovan Patton as Bot
  • Additional Voice Talent
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    • Blake Benitez
    • Clare Foley
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