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The Stone Lions appear in Journey to Numberland.


The Little Stone Lions are young and energetic. They can speak English. They are both cute and friendly.

The Big Stone Lion (also known as Daddy Lion; idiomatically the King of Beasts) is a friendly and wise lion. He can only roar.


After Zilch used one of his wicked spell, the bridge that led to the diamond key was destroyed. When Team Umizoomi was thinking of a way to get across, they heard voices coming from the two little lions.

The lions said that there was a safe path from the remains of the bridge, marked by safe numbers. But step on the unsafe stones and you'll fall into the water below the bridge. Only Daddy Lion knows which stones are safe, but he only roars. By counting the roars, he tells Bot which stones with numbers are safe.


The little lions are a brother with a little hair sticking up on top of his head and dark-yellowish colored fur, and a sister with well-groomed, tannish-colored fur. They both have brown eyes and a relic-like pattern on their fur. They're also a little taller than Team Umizoomi

Daddy Lion was on the other side of the bridge with the diamond key. Like the little lions, he has brown eyes and a relic-like pattern on his fur. He also has a tan-brown mane. He can't talk, unlike the little lions. Instead, he roars.


  • Those characters have no relationship to the PBS award-winning phonics reading series Between the Lions.
  • The concept is about the same from Disney's animated film The Lion King.