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The Umizumiz is a prototype version of Team Umizoomi which never ever made it on-air.


"Premiering in 2008 in Noggin, The Umizumiz is a new animated interactive series for preschoolers about a miniature urban repair squad that solves everyday preschool problems in Metro City with help from the viewers at home."

Source: PR Newswire

The Umizumiz originally debut in 2008.


  • "Milli": Unknown before Milli debuts.
  • "Geo": Supposed to represent a whistle.
  • Bot: Almost remains unchanged except for the mouth which is green.
  • Zig Zag: A purple girl who likes patterns. Scrapped and recycled for Milli.
  • Alphonse: Originally the "Super-shapes!" character, An orange boy who likes shapes. Scrapped and recycled for Geo.
  • UmiCar: Originally called The Zipmobile.