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The Tiger is a minor antagonist Team Umizoomi encountered in the only episode "Purple Monkey Mission." She was a predator, so her alignment is neutral.

She is female and she is one of the big cat antagonist. The Tiger didn't appear in Umi Grand Prix! (Episode) special episode. While most antagonists appeared in it.


She was blocking the only way to the Yellow Door. Milli then thought of a way to get passed her by putting tiger stripes and two triangle tiger ears on UmiCar. Then the tiger will think UmiCar is one of her tiger friends.

It was working until a spider appeared, and spiders make Purple Monkey sneeze. The sneeze caused all the stripes and the two ears "disguise" to fall off UmiCar!

The tiger found out that they deceived her, and she was furious! She then hungrily and angrily began to chase the team. UmiCar zoomed as fast as he could to the yellow door, so our friends don't get on the tiger's menu!

He zoomed right through the door and Purple Monkey closed it shut. They were out of the Tiger Forest safe and sound, and Milli pointed out that the tiger will never bother them again. When she and Geo peeked through the door, the Tiger, a little upset and frustrated, walked deep into the forest. And Team Umizoomi and Purple Monkey never saw her again.


  • (softly and waves): roar-roar.(Hello.)
  • (frustrated): Roar-roar.(Oh well) *sigh*