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This song from Meatball Madness shows that too much of a good thing is not fun and not amicable.


Bot: Too many meatballs

Geo: Too many meatballs

Milli: Meatballs

Bot: Too many meatballs coming by the dozen.

Geo: Hundreds of meatballs,

Milli: we got to do something.

Geo: The neighbourhood ain’t looking good,

the park is wall to wall.

Team Umizoomi: Everywhere you look, there’s another meatball.

Milli: Too many meatballs.

Bot: Too many meatballs clogging up the city.

Milli: Millions of meatballs and it ain’t pretty!

Bouncing down the sidewalk.

Bot: Rolling down the street!

Milli and Bot: Too many to count!

Geo: Too many to eat!

Bot: Too many meatballs...

Milli: Meatballs...

Geo: Meatballs...

Team Umizoomi: Meatballs!