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At UmiCar's Birthday Party, the Troublemakers swipe away UmiCar's present and it's up to the team to get it back.


UmiCar's Suprise Birthday Party

  • Team Umizoomi and UmiCar's vehicle friends throw a surprise birthday party for UmiCar. The song "It's Your Birthday" is sung by the team, and after the song, it's time to break a racecar-shaped piñata.


While not looking, the Troublemakers found a way to secretly swipe the present. When swiping it, they call Trouble Truck and drive off.

Going Bananas

Geo builds a gorilla to eat up bananas when the Troublemakers make a banana mountain.

Diameter Parashoots

Milli uses her Milli Measure to find a parachute that is large enough for Umi Car when they find the Troublemakers in a gorge.

Wheely Hard Puzzle

To slow the Team's progress, the Troublemakers booby-trap tiles on a road and Bow uses his skills to find out which ones were safe.

Out with the Garbage

The Troublemakers feel unhappy that Team Umizoomi got the present before they did and Trouble Truck was going out of control and caused them to bump into a trash can and get covered with the rubbish and blame each other why they didn't get it.

Conclusion: The Present Reveal

At the end, Umi Car opens his present and a race track is in there. All the cars including Dump Truck who gave his true pormise to be a team player raced and had fun. Everyone except the Troublemakers who are stinky from the garbage Trouble Truck crashed into.




  • This is the first episode where a member of Team Umizoomi has a birthday celebration.
  • Dump Truck makes his third appearance in the series.
    • However, this is the first time that he appears as a friend of UmiCar's instead of a rival. He may have fully befriended him after his first two episode appearances.
  • Shark Car makes an appearance in this episode.
    • However, it was unknown why he was able to join the birthday if he was supposed to be with Jose.
  • This shows Bot's angry face for the second time.
  • In this episode, there's a lesson on circle diameters, which is an advanced math technique.
  • It is revealed that UmiCar was born on the 9th of an unknown month.


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Shape Identification
  • Using Clues
  • Measurements
  • Counting
  • Number Identification
  • Symmetry

Special Skill

  • Circle Diameter

World Skills

  • Birthday Parties
  • Parachutes



  • (Trouble Truck bumps into a trash can with falls over and covers them with garbage)
    • Big Trouble: Bleech! (grossed out) Ewww! (pulls some garbage off himself) Yuck!
    • Little Trouble: Oh! (angrily) It's all your fault!
    • Big Trouble: (angrily) My fault?! This is clearly your fault!
    • Little Trouble: My fault?! It's always your fault!! (a moldy banana falls on his head) (grossed out) Oh, disgusting! Absolutely disgusting!


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