Umicars shape mountain race
et behind UmiCar's steering wheel to race to the top of Shape Mountain.

The Beginning

UmiCar has always wanted super flying powers, and now's his chance to have it! But Dump Truck wants to fly too, and he's heading up Shape Mountain to grab the magic dodecahedron. Now UmiCar needs your UmiFriend's help to beat Dump Truck to the top. UmiCar needs super speed to pass Dump Truck, and gamers will have to identify the three magic shapes that will make UmiCar race faster: a cube, a sphere, and a pyramid. During this three-level game, Team Umizoomi will identify what shape needs to be collected.


To move UmiCar, press the up and down arrow keys; to make him go faster, press the right arrow key; and to jump over things in the way, press the space bar. Watch out for obstacles along the way that might slow UmiCar down.


Shape Mountain

Lake Umi


This is the game where shapes that need to be collected, to give You Super Speed Power, were bigger by one, etc.: At the first level You have to collect the four cubes, in the second one You have to collect the five spheres and finally in the third level of the game You have top collect the six pyramids.

This game is similar to the episode The Great Shape Race.

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