Whe Team Umizoomi becomes the UmiCops when a group of unscrupulous bugs called the Stinkbug Dozen is literally reeking havoc all over Umi City. Can the UmiCops capture and arrest the ominous bugs?


Introduction: Umi Cops Reporting for Duty

Team Umizoomi is reporting for duty today because they're not the regular old Team Umizoomi. They're the Umi Cops! They have their shades, which means sunglasses, their police badges, and their radio, or walkie-talkies. And when Geo transforms UmiCar into Umi Police Car, the Umi Cops are all hands on deck, if they can get a case to solve that is...

Stinky Case

Stuffy Toy Store

Cuckoo Locust

Bugs in the Dark

Nose for Dinosaurs (and Mini-Golf)

A Place for Stinks


Protagonists / Good Guys

Antagonists / Bad Guys

  • The Stinky Dozen




Math Skills

  • Observing and Planning
  • Shape Identification
  • Counting
  • Number Identification
  • Patterns
  • Directions
  • Using Clues
  • Picture Identification
  • Estimation
  • Critical Thinking


  • A dozen = 12

World Skills

  • The Police Force
  • Seeing and Roaming in the Dark (Nocturnal)

Super Skill

  • There's always a place where someone belongs


  • Team Umizoomi is revealed to be part of the police force.
  • Episode aired before the release of the Movie Robocop


  • Officer Milli: Come out with your antennae up, Stinkbugs!
    • Stinkbug: Oh, I give up, Officer Milli. You got us.

  • Whistle blows*
    • Officer Geo: Freeze, Stinkbugs! You're coming with us!

  • Officer Bot: Gotchya', Stinky!
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