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Umi City is a location featured in the Team Umizomi televsion series. It is the home of Team Umizoomi and the various citizens



The actual location of Umi City remains undisclosed.


The currencies are Umi-Dollars and Umi-Cents. (Umi-Pounds in the UK dub)


Like the United States, it is inhabited by many people of different colors, shapes, and sizes, including Team Umizoomi.

Here is the Historic Population:

Historic Population (1790-2014)
Year Population
1790 69,697
1800 78,192
1810 94,877
1820 102,567
1830 113,654
1840 149,188
1850 161,543
1860 196,412
1870 214,934
1880 301,422
1890 479,212
1900 510,322
1910 532,044
1920 549,945
1930 556,754
1940 573,413
1950 599,413
1960 743,215
1970 755,955
1980 774,176
1990 800,155
2000 822,853
2010 839,878
2014 857,455


Umi City has temperate seasons.

Month High Low
January 60F 16C 49F 9C
February 67F 19C 56F 13C
March 74F 23C 60F 16C
April 81F 27C 67F 19C
May 87F 31C 72F 22C
June 91F 33C 77F 25C
July 97F 36C 80F 27C
August 89F 32C 75F 24C
September 79F 26C 62F 17C
October 67F 19C 59F 15C
November 62F 17C 53F 12C
December 59F 15C 47F 8C


Locations within Umi City

No one knows the secret location of Team Umizoomi's secret headquarters/home, and no one expects it to be the Umi City Park's Fountain.

The city's water resevoir and a popular fishing spot.

This is the river that flows through the Forest and Umi City.

The city's public beach.

The city has also a place where people go play games.

This is the biggest toy store in Umi City.

This is the city's aquarium, which is full of different sea creatures.

The Umi City Zoo is where people in Umi City can watch animals in habitats that are just right and safe for them to live. Team Umizoomi has a couple of missions to do here from time to time.


The Umi Sports Games are one of the many events held in Umi City. This event consist of four sports: Soccer (or Football in UK), Swimming, Basketball, and Bicycling.

Outside of the Umi Sports Games, there is a big racing event: The Umi Grand Prix.