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Umi City Beach is a public area where anyone even Team Umizoomi can relax, swim, and just have fun in the Sun.

Episode Appearances


We currently have no info about anyone major or important that lives at the beach. There's still information on at least what creatures live near or at the beach.

  • Seagulls
  • Sea Lions
  • Crabs
  • Fish
  • Starfish


People don't really live on the beach, but some people have work to do on the beach because the ocean may be beautiful, but it can also be very dangerous.


Every beach that's public needs a lifeguard. They make sure everyone is safe. DoorMouse has a part-time job as a lifeguard. His role is to make sure there isn't any sharks on the beach. 


Being that Umi City beach is public, lots of people come visit here. They can swim, play in the sand, or just relax and work on their tan.

Ferry Boat

In case you didn't know, a ferry boat is a boat that people ride on to get to places that are across large bodies of water. Team Umizoomi had to get Shark Car back to Jose before his ferry boat leaves.

The Blue Mermaid Statue

This statue was made in the Blue Mermaid's honour and placed on the beach. That way, people can learn more about her. It's also where Team Umizoomi began their search for the Blue Mermaid.