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The Umi City Boardwalk is one of the fun places where Team Umizoomi loves to have fun. They spent a whole day there in Boardwalk Games.

In case you didn't know, a boardwalk is a carnival filled with rides, food, and lots of fun games. A boardwalk is always near the ocean and it is all on top of wooden planks.

Episode Appearances



They were only seen in the distance in the beginning. There were a roller coaster and a big wheel.

Bouncy Castle

It was only seen as a minor in Boardwalk Games. While they were meeting up with Geo, Milli and Bot bounced right through the Bouncy Castle. 


These are the big part of any boardwalk. When you win any game at the Umi City Boardwalk, you will earn tickets that you can use to get prizes, if you have an adequate amount. These tickets are orange and have a life ring picture on them. 


There is a big arcade right in the Boardwalk. The only two games we know about here are Shape Blaster and Pattern Pinball. If you play the games, you can also listen to music Team Umizoomi Songs.

Appears in Boardwalk Games.