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Umi City Zoo is where people in Umi City can watch animals in habitats that are just right and safe for them to live. Team Umizoomi has a couple of missions to do here from time to time.

Episode Appearances

Zoo Exhibits

Penguin Playground

This exhibit is for the young penguins in the zoo. It's really cold, has ice slides, and a place to swim. It's the perfect home for fun-loving adorable penguins.

Penguin Snowhills

See the article for futher details.

Turtle Swamp

This swamp is icky and muddy, but the turtles love it. The turtles that live in this swamp are very friendly and used their backs to help Team Umizoomi across the swamp.

Tiger Forest

This majestic forest is the perfect place for the majestic tigers. However, unlike the penguins and the turtles, one of the tigresses considers Team Umizoomi and Purple Monkey as snacks. With help from UmiCar, the team and Purple Monkey manage to barely escape her. Looks like that the team is not going to come look at this exhibit again...

Lion Dens

As the team's volunteer job at the zoo, they had to feed four lions. they fed them a fairly shared Pattern Sandwich to each of them before they fell asleep. Unlike the tigress, these lions are more tamed than her. Those males lions care more of the food probably because of the sandwich. This was seen in Job Well Done.

Monkey Jungle

This is Purple Monkey's home at the zoo. There are tall trees with ripe yellow bananas, monkey bars to climb on, and a tire swing to swing on. Purple Monkey loves bananas, climbing, and swinging, so this is the perfect home for him. Besides, there are no spiders or predators in this exhibit.

Minor Exhibits

These are exhibits that do not have as big of a roll as some of these other exhibits.


  • Birds (also known as aviary)
  • Sauropsids
  • Mammals
    • Apes & Monkeys
    • Giraffes
    • Koalas
    • Zebras
    • Wild Cats (Felidae)
    • Elephants
    • Bears