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It's Easter time in Umi City, and that means it's time for what many kids love: The Umi Egg Hunt. Team Umizoomi help a few of their friends find some eggs they want, so they can get the prize inside. However, April's rainbow egg somehow rolls out of her basket and into a rabbit hole. The team promises her that they'll find the egg and hop down the hole into a underground city of bunnies called Bunny Town. The Team need to work together to get across Bunny Town and to an egg factory to save the rainbow egg before it gets cooked into a scrambled and ruined rainbow egg.


Intro: The Umi Egg Hunt

Easter has come, and children open colourful Easter eggs for a special surprise inside. Except the Rainbow Egg has rolled into the hole and it is nowhere to be found.

Bunny Town

It is a town where all the bunnies are preparing for Easter. Team Umizoomi has to find the Rainbow Egg somewhere in the town, which is headed for the Egg Factory.

Veggie Mountain Jump

Bot attempted to climb up Veggie Mountain, but radishes and broccolis bounced over him. Except Milli uses Pattern Power to get past those vegetables in this pattern sequence: Jump over radishes and duck down the broccolis. In the second path, the pattern goes: jump, jump, duck.

Carrot Train Ride

The train cannot operate without a special carrot to turn on the engine. So Geo builds one with his shape belt.

Cracking the Egg Processors

In the Egg Factory, the eggs are getting ready to be processed. But the Rainbow Egg is getting ready to be processed too. Bot needs to count by certain numbers to zero to turn off the processing machines before the egg gets cracked by an egg cracker, smashed by a shell smasher, and even cooked into a scrambled rainbow egg by the actual egg cooker.

Conclusion: Over the Rainbow

Now the Rainbow Egg is back above ground, the big reveal has come: a rainbow path.




  • This is the Easter special, and it only airs on/around Easter.
  • The friend that Team Umizoomi helps is April, which is also the month when Easter usually happens.


Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Color Identification
  • Patterns
  • Shape Identification
  • Counting Forwards & Backwards

World Skills

  • Easter Egg Hunts
  • Factories
  • Holidays


  • Bot: Well, what are we waiting for? Last one to the top is a rotten egg! Wha-ho-ho! Oof! Waaaahhh, ho-ho, whoa!
    • Geo: Are you okay, Bot?
    • Bot: (shakes the dirt off him) Good as new.


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