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===Intro: UmiCar's Best Friend===
===Intro: UmiCar's Best Friend===
you get the recap back this instant
===Time for the Prix===
===Time for the Prix===

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Shark Car and UmiCar are BCFFs (Best Car Friends Forever), and they're racing together as a team in the Umi Grand Prix, the biggest race in Umi-History. However, some of Team Umizoomi's tough antagonists; The Shape Bandit, Dump Truck, Squiddy, and The Troublemakers; are also in the big race. With the help from the team, can Shark Car and Umi Car win? Racers, start your engines! 


Intro: UmiCar's Best FriendEdit

Time for the PrixEdit

The Tricky Shape BanditEdit

Dump Truck Cough-UpEdit

By the SeaweedEdit

Hundred Sticky Meter SprintEdit




Math SkillsEdit

  • Observation Skills
  • Number Identification
  • Number Value
  • Using Knowledge
  • Skip Counting (by tens)
  • Addition

World SkillsEdit

  • Racing (Grand Prix of some sort)

Super SkillsEdit

  • Best friends help each other


  • In this episode, Milli, Geo, and Bot are all wearing racing uniforms.
  • This is the third appearance of Shark Car.
  • Most of all Team Umizoomi's antagonists appear in this episode (with the exception for The Tiger, Zilch and Grog).
  • In this episode, the Time for Action is not performed, and the team don't even say "It's time for action!"
  • This is the first episode where The Troublemakers appear with DoorMouse.
  • The Stripped Car appears to have a model similar to that of a Mini Cooper.
  • The Shape Bandit's bike looks almost identical to almost all Ducati bikes such as a 916, a 1266 Superleggera and more.
  • This episode is a reference to the Mario Kart series.
  • Despite airing after UmiCar's Birthday Present, this episode's events are actually taken place before that, because of Dump Truck being mean through most of the episode before finally becoming friendly at the end.


  • In many parts of the episode, Milli's racing uniform is magenta, but then it goes back to pale pink.
  • In some parts of this episode (excluding the episode song and the race checks) Team Umizoomi's racing uniforms turn back to their normal outfits; but then change back.
  • After passing The Shape Bandit, the order changes from the beginning of the race (NOTE: The bolded names indicate the original place that the character was in):
  1. The Troublemakers (from fifth place).
  2. Tow Truck (original place)
  3. Striped Car (from tenth place)
  4. Squiddy (from seventh place)
  5. School Bus (from fourth place)
  6. Pick-Up Truck (from eighth place)
  7. Taxi (from third place)
  8. Dump Truck (from sixth place)
  9. Tractor (from first place)
  10. Mail Truck (from ninth place)
  11. The Shape Bandit (original place)



  • DoorMouse: Well, it looks like Shape Bandit is all wet! He went for the win but instead took a swim! *Laughs*

  • Dump Truck: *Groans in frustration* No, no, no, no, no! (He shakes off a lot of his wet cement, which he gets stuck in) Oh.
    • DoorMouse: Oh, my! Dump Truck got himself stuck in his own cement! Talk about your 'Sticky Situations'! *Laughs*

  • Squiddy: Oh no! I'm out of sea weed! (UmiCar and Shark Car pass him)
    • Milli: 'Sea' you later, Squiddy!

  • Little Trouble: *In disgust* Oh, yuck! This is a sticky situation!
    • Big Trouble: (tastes the maple syrup) Mmm.
    • Little Trouble: *Groans* We're smothered in syrup!
    • Big Trouble: If only we had some pancakes.
    • Little Trouble: Oh, stop it!


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Transcript Edit

Umi Grand Prix! (Episode)/Transcript

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