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Milli, Geo and Bot are Umi Knights, who must save a princess' kingdom by helping her friend, Max the Dragon who has lost his glasses before he destroys the kingdom and severely hurts and injures himself.


Intro: Umi Knights

Meet Team Umizoomi. They are Umi Knights.

Quest from a Princess

The Princess calls the Team about Max the Dragon who lost his glasses and is bumping into everything.

To the Kingdom

The Team rush to the Kingdom to talk over the problem.

Shield from the Avalanche

Duck Vikings

Catapult Rock Launch

Heigh-Ho, Robo-Horse! Away!

Conclusion: Returning the Glasses

The Kingdom is saved now that Max has his glasses and can see well again.




Math Skills

  • Observation Skills
  • Follow the Pattern
  • Memorization
  • Number Identification
  • Counting
  • Shape Identification

Kingdom Skills

  • The Kingdom



  • A raccoon has a cameo appearance in The Rolling Toy Parade. It is a non-speaking role.
  • The second appearance is Umi Knight when he plays on the instruments. In the first appearance in Lalaloopsy Band Together Movie, the Buttonettes play on the instruments. In the third appearance, in Bubble Guppies episode Swimtastic Checkup, Molly sings the microphone and Gil plays the acoustic guitar.
    • The Team Umizoomi wears the Umi Knights outfit in Favorite Thing Show. Ice cream truck, Playground Heroes, and The Wild West Toy Train Show,`