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Team Umizoomi must beat the Umi Games champions, the Sports Robots, in order to win the Umi-Games Trophy.


Intro: The Team's Favorite Sports

The team introduce sports they were playing. Bot was doing gymnastics, Milli was doing tennis, and Geo was playing baseball with Bot as the pitcher.

The Umi Sports Games

The team are in a sports competition when they arrive at the stadium to play soccer, swimming, basketball, and biking. Later, their oppenents: The Sports Robots enter to battle them and Bot introduces which robot(s) are athletic at which sport.

Soccer Skills

First, Team Umizoomi battle Soccer Robot. They do that by scoring 3 goals without Soccer Robot blocking the ball.

Bot's Hundred Meter Swim

Next, Geo builds Bot some swimming gear so he can swim 100 meters for a swimming race against the Swimming Robot.

The Big and the Small Basketball Teams

Third, Team Umizoomi battle a squad of Basketball Robots to win a match of basketball. The cue to get the points is to make the ball into a hoop and the first to get 10 points wins.

Bike Race

Last, Team Umizoomi race against some Biking Robots and beat them all to win.

Conclusion: Closing Ceremony

The episode ends where the sports robots congratulate Team Umizoomi and say "You are the Winner!" after their win for the Umi Games trophy.



  • This episode is already featured on the DVD "Umi Games" before it aired on TV.
  • This episode is one of those spin-offs of The Olympic Games, and it rarely airs on television.


Math Skills

  • Counting
  • Observation Skills
  • Shape Idenification
  • Patterns
  • Counting by tens
  • Number Idenification

Special Skills

  • Understanding Scoreboards

World Skills

  • Sports and Competitions

Super Skills

  • Being a Good Sport


  • Sport Robot song