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While having fun at the biggest toy store in Umi City, Team Umizoomi's friend Colin lost all of his coins to buy a special stuffted puppy called Sparkle Pup. They have to find all the coins, but can they do it before the toy store closes?


Intro: Toy Fun

Milli's greatest favorite toy is playing with the toy piano. While Geo uses building blocks for shape building, Bot uses brass drums to imitate the wind-up monkey.

Sparkle Pup

The Sparkle Pup glows when you clap your hands three times. The toy has as price tag of eighteen Umi-Cents. All of a sudden, the toy monkey swept the coins away.

Coins in a Box

Milli transforms her dress into a jack-in-the-box color patterns. The cow and pig jester pops up and down in various colors, in sequence. Milli has to figure out which pattern is in sequence to retrieve three of Collin's coins.

Bubble Bot

Everytime the bubble floats higher and higher, it will pop indefinitely Bot has to count down the height (in seconds) to jump from one bubble to the next highest bubble. He has to go to the highest point; the top of the tree, to retrieve the five Umi-Cent coin.

Knight Geo

Using board game skills, Geo has to make it past the unexpected obstacles from the mystical creatures along the way to rescue the ten Umi-cent coin as fast as he can before the toy store closes.

Airplane Delivery

Milli comes by in an airplane to pick up Geo and Bot with all the Umi-cents. Now that Colin has enough money, he is able to hug and cuddle Sparkle Pup at last.




  • It is revealed that Geo has some skills as a knight.
  • It is also revealed that Milli has some experience in playing the piano.
  • This episode is similar of the six games remakes for Umi City Mighty Missions.
  • This is the first time Milli played the piano, she will play it again in Cuckoo Bears.


  • The Sparkle pup is a light-up toy, similar to Pillow Pets' Dream Lites, except without a press of a button.
  • That monkey, who swept away the coins, has a similarity of Swiper the Fox from Dora the Explorer.


Math Skills

  • Addition
  • Observation Skills
  • Patterns
  • Counting Forwards & Backwards
  • Shape Identification

World Skills

  • Toy Store
  • Money



  • Bot: (clashes cymbols together) Oh! Look at me! I'm walking like this toy monkey!
    • Milli and Geo: *laugh*

Reward (Rhythm Game)

Milli holds her normal outfit dress.

Upgrade #1: +3


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