Team Umizoomi Wiki


A video game based on The Series for iOS where preschoolers use their mighty math powers to play some Umiriffic math games around Umi City.

Locations and the Education Games

  • Toy Store Counting – A Counting game
  • Number Bubbles – A number identification game
  • Rolling Toy Parade – A Number Line game
  • Race Around Umi City - A Number comparison game
  • Up! Up! And Balloons! – An addition/subtraction game
  • Party Light Patterns - A Pattern game
  • Super Shape Zapper - A Shape Identification game

Math Skills

  • Number Identification
  • Counting Forwards
  • Counting Backwards
  • Equation Symbols
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

Additional Features

Levels are increased with difficulty for each category, from one to five. Both the American and British Voices of Milli, Geo, and Bot are included. All progresses are saved for each player. The whole game has also background music (like the Theme Song with the "Calling all Umis! Team Umizoomi!" Bit included (like on the show) on the Title screen). And magical sparkles in Umi City.



♡ Team Umizoomi Math Zoom Into Numbers Educational App for Toddler By Nickelodeon